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There are MMOs that Buy Runescape gold

What you're saying simply isn't true either. The G.E differs than most auction houses in MMOs and there are MMOs that Buy Runescape gold lack a ge/auction house, or player trading entirely. Most MMOs use an auction house similar to wow. In WoW, when you get a stack of items from the auction house or an item, every list is an item/items which are listed by one player only and 1 player. 

Therefore, if you wished to buy 1000 of a material that is particular, you have to buy multiple piles from several individuals which all will most likely be a cost. In RS, in the event that you wished to buy 1000 of something, you put in a bid, and you also get said materials whenever you are either the maximum bidder or there is sufficient excess of item to be offered to buyers.

A big one not to forget would be high alching. High alching single handedly prevents any product from getting worthless, and before you write a composition how I'm wrong, I oblige you to discover an item at which the how can you get dice in osrs buy-able G.E cost in addition to the price of 1 character rune is less than the high alch value of said item, and stays that cost for more than 24 hours.

 All of longbows would be unworthy, if what you said were true, but thanks to large alching, their costs have remained stable for YEARS.

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