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The makers behind Hay Day Coins

TERA Online manufacturer Bluehole admits Ascent: Infinite Realm

Bluehole, the makers behind Hay Day Coins and the huge success that is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, has announced a brand new game called Ascent: Infinite Realm.

Also called A:IR, it is a steampunk MMORPG with a high fantasy design, place in a world dominated by magic and machines. It'll be released by Kakao Games, who also handled Black Desert online. A good deal of the content of this game will probably be highly customizable, allowing players to tailor in depth aspects of their play experience and unleash their own imagination. Players can also create their own quests, change their hunting grounds, and change the problem when battling monsters in dungeons or searching places.

Another vital feature is that the realm versus realm combat. Factions will fight for glory and fame, taking turns to direct offensive and defensive efforts employing vehicles that are flying. Players may also join the fight from the floor using mechs and Buy Hay Day Money anti-air artillery to fight airborne dangers, or initiate ground based airborne attacks. Various tactical weapons such as cannons, mines, and attack fans are at each faction's disposal.

Other attributes as noticed from the press release include: Explore a beautifully designed high fantasy steampunk world. Discover a combination of classic MMORPG elements with multi-colored gameplay encompassing both sky and land. Pick from five completely customizable classes. Conquer the heavens with A:IR's Realm vs Realm mode and experience massive aerial battles.

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