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The issue is that my old guild wants to wow classic gold

In addition, I don't mind healing.

The issue is that my old guild wants to wow classic gold play Horde for WoW Classic, and that makes me need to play with an orc shaman or a troll mage (Forsaken are not my cup of java ) above a tauren druid. ? Not sure! I intend to play with family and friends so it is dependent on what everyone selects, I know it's going to be grinning for certain and not rogue, my shirt right today is warlock or priest! I will log in,

create something and play a bit. If it turns out to be just like an Everquest development server, I'm pulling the plug with the understanding that the paid month is a failed experiment.

I am gonna begin as a warrior. I love leveling and do not obey the challenge. It's not bad at all if you have the time to select up all dungeon quests and performing all of the big ones after. The equipment is huge and if you do all quests it is about as quick as merely questing solo, therefore there are basically only positives in the buy wow classic gold event that you discover a group.

Later I am taking a look at warlock and paladin. Lock as a raiding alt, and security paladin for farming. Besides I love the class dream of three courses. "THREE TOONS??" Some will say. Yeah, I have a fair bit of experience with leveling on private vanilla servers. I enjoy leveling and probably won't be a hardcore player unless somebody I'm social with calls for me.

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