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The Display is possibly the MLB18 Stubs

MLB: The Display is possibly the MLB18 Stubs undisputed (and pretty much unchallenged) king of this baseball simulation genre right now. Obviously, things change so many Xbox One fans may be wondering if MLB: The Show 18 may eventually break this long-standing tradition and hit Microsoft's systems.

Regrettably, we have to be the bearers of terrible news this time around and let you know that's just not likely to happen. As such, just as is true with other first-party titles on all systems, MLB: The Show 18 will release exclusively on the PS4.

The even worse news for Xbox One lovers is that MLB: The Show doesn't seem like it will be hitting Microsoft's system anytime soon, unless, of course, the show has a surprising change of developer outside Sony's first-party studios. Here's hoping that Microsoft admits its Major League Baseball title to compete with MLB: The Display sometime shortly and to offer Xbox One lovers a piece of this baseball action.

The brand new presentation elements are great and will also make me despise everything forever

Baseball is at kind of a weird spot right now. The Buy MLB the show stubs hot stove has barely flickered, the largest transaction being Giancarlo Stanton's (admittedly massive) proceed to the New York Yankees. Otherwise marquee free agents such as Yu Darvish stay on the sidelines. But we could happily continue to rely on the excellence of Sony San Diego's MLB The Display, which will once more be trotting out into the mound that March.

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