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Pursuing USFL players for buy Mut 20 coins

The league soon unraveled because of instability and mismanagement, and a crucial blow was filing an antitrust lawsuit against the Madden 20 coins, claiming the larger league had basically undertaken a targeted bullying campaign against them in hopes of maintaining their American Madden NFL monopoly.

The USFL ended up getting almost no money (three dollars!) from their settlement because the court determined their failure was largely their own fault, but they did technically win the case of proving that the NFL was an illegal monopoly.One of the big pieces of evidence is pictured here, and it's hilarious.Newspapers at the time of the trial spoke of the notorious Porter Presentation, but I don't believe it's ever been widely seenin its whole form.

Basically, the idea of an NFL campaign against the USFL was initially floated as a cartoonishly explicit declaration of war. Like, it literally quotes Sun Tzu's The Art Of War up front: ... before diving into the previously pictured breakdown of how a strategy of moving the date of the NFL Draft or aggressively pursuing USFL players for buy Mut 20 coins contracts equates to "BESIEGING WALLED CITIES."My biggest unfulfilled wish is that this presentation had been posed in the age of PowerPoint, so bits like this could be followed with sweet explosion-style transitions: That's some Tom Clancy shit!

But yeah,check out the full document for some pretty fun reading about plans to disrupt USFL gate revenues, send bad players to the USFL, steal the best franchises, and encourage USFL unionization.

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