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Lethargic defenders are FIFA Mobile Coins

Across the board, players' dribbling speed is considerably slower on FIFA 19 than in previous editions, meaning lethargic defenders are FIFA Mobile Coins more adept at recovering when opponents are through on target. This makes stoppers such as Laporte, whose pace is rated at just 65, more precious compared to 12 weeks ago. The Frenchman's defending stats are all exceptional, such as interceptions (85), standing handle (86), slipping handle (85) and signaling (84). He's a trusted centre-back for the start of your own FUT travel, although further down the line his endurance (65) can cause you problems.

Valencia's Kondogbia is one of the best defensive midfielders in FIFA 19.

For the first time in years, wingers with rate are helpful in  Buy FIFA Coins. Liverpool's Shaqiri is a traditional example of a wide attacker who's benefited from the drastic reduction in the value of rate, with his five-star ability moves and high technical skill more than making up for a relative deficiency of mobility.

The Switzerland international has excellent balance (91), curve (88) and dribbling (86), which means he's best utilised as a inverted winger who will cut inside onto his stronger left foot. He also boasts high shot power (87), dribbling (86) and agility (84).

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