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Expect a ponie enthusiast to wow classic gold

You have no sense of exactly what im talking about it is ok though I would not expect a ponie enthusiast to wow classic gold understand anything complicated.


Btw I talked in the onset of your sentence about your use of AND however you're so moronic you cant understand proper grammar. My point was that the ENTIRE game is available to casuals you've got no baring to prove that wrong and you know it hence why as you so amply put it you're"running away" in the debate. Why not go watch some picture animations and go with people who wear horns on their head to a sweaty old dude convention.


That is about everything you can know clearly. Also yes to northdale gold wow your information I'm going to insult you because you have done it multiple times and im tired of ignoring it for your sake. I hope you understand just how much of a cuck you seem like with a profile picture like this. Sitting when obviously you've got the IQ of a child with down syndrome, and sound smart. Im also willing to bet count that's abnormally high for a human being.

The outdated Classic ways were the best, you had to earn your mounts and it was iconic! I stopped after Cataclysm came out, playing WotLK was the WoW Classic experience and that I adored Classic WoW Classic and Burning Crusade the many! Removing the talent trees was a mistake by Blizzard, just to make character specialization simple for men and women! It is a pity really how dumbed down WoW Classic became over the last few years and expansions...

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